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Posted Notice Sign
Development projects that are being reviewed by the City of Pembroke Pines Planning and Economic Development Department require a POSTED NOTICE sign to be installed by the developer on the subject property.  The sign is used to inform the public that one or more development applications are under review for the property. 

Each sign has a unique project number that relates to the list of projects below.  The signs remain on the property while there is an active Planning and Economic Development Department application. 
Should you have questions about a specific project please contact the City of Pembroke Pines Planning and Economic Development Department at 954-392-2100.

Application Types: SP = Site Plan, PH = Public Hearing (Land Use Plan Amendment), ZC = Zoning Change, ZV = Zoning Variance, ZI = Zoning Interpretation, ZA = Zoning Appeal, SUB = Plat, DRI = Development of Regional Impact. 

PRJ 2017-01 Pembroke Pines City Center Generally located South of Pines Blvd and West of Palm Ave PH 2015-02 (City Center Local Activity Center (LAC) Land Use Plan Amendment)

PH 2016-02 (City Center Regional Activity Center (RAC) Land Use Plan Amendment)

SP 2016-21 (Pines City Center Phase II Commercial)

SP 2017-04 (P-1 Burger Fi Perimeter Building)

SP 2017-09 (P-2 City Mattress Perimeter Building)

SP 2017-05 (P-3 Outback Steak House Perimeter Building)

SP 2017-08 (P-4 Cooper's Hawk Restaurant Perimeter Building)


9/6/17- CC

6/22/17- PZ
8/2/17- CC

6/22/17- PZ

6/22/17- PZ

6/22/17- PZ

6/22/17- PZ

PRJ 2017-03 University Marketplace Generally Located South of Pines Blvd and West of University Drive

SP 2017-06 (Metro Diner Out Parcel Building) 6/22/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-04 Pines BMW 14800 Sheridan Street SP 2017-07 (Pines BMW Expansion)

PRJ 2017-05
Sheridan Plaza 2060-2100 North University Drive SP 2017-10 (Sheridan Plaza Facade and Sign Improvements) 

PRJ 2017-06
Pines Village Plaza 6500 Pines Boulevard ZV 2017-11 (Landscape Buffer)
ZV 2017-12 (Landscape Buffer)
ZV 2017-13 (Landscape Buffer - Required Trees)
SP 2017-03 (Facade and Site Circulation changes)

6/22/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-07
Wawa 1600 South Hiatus Road ZC 2017-02 (B-2 to B-3 with Restrictions)

ZV 2017-02 (Out-parcel)
ZV 2017-03 (Bollards in lieu of curbing)
ZV 2017-04 (Sign)
ZV 2017-14 (Finish Floor Elevation)

SP 2017-03 (Wawa Convenience/Service Station)

4/27/17- PZ
5/17/17- 1st
6/21/17- 2nd


8/10/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-08
Mobile Mini 5900 SW 202nd Avenue SP 2017-11 (New Maintenance/Repair Building)

6/22/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-09
Bergeron Park of Commerce South Southwest corner of Stirling Road and Southwest 196th Avenue (SP 2017-12 (Outdoor Storage Phase 1, 2, 3)

6/22/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-10 Century Village  North of Pembroke, South of Pines, East of Flamingo and W of 145th. SP 2017-13 (Miscellaneous Site Improvements)  
PRJ 2017-11 Somerset Academy South Campus 19620 Pines Boulevard SP 2017-14 (Site Plan and Special Exception)  
PRJ 2017-12  Somerset Academy North Campus 20801 - 20805 Johnson Street SP 2017-15 (Site and Circulation Improvements)  
PRJ 2017-13  Flamingo Road Business Center 1753 - 1771 North Flamingo Road SP 2017-16 (Miscellaneous Site Improvements)  8/10/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-14  Pines Audi 15000 Pines Boulevard SP 2017-17 (Site Renovations and Improvements)  
PRJ 2017-15  Dunkin Donuts @Walnut Creek 1799 University Drive SP 2017-18 (Site Renovations and Improvements)  
PRJ 2017-16 The Edison Pembroke Pines Generally located north of Pembroke Road and west of 145th Avenue SP 2017-19 (Site Plan)  
PRJ 2017-17 Johnson Street Medical Center Generally located west of University Drive on Johnson Street SP 2017-20 (Site Plan)  
PRJ 2017-18 Bright Steps Forward 1431 Palm Avenue ZI 2017-01 (Zoning Interpretation of a school use)  8/10/17- PZ
PRJ 2017-19 Target Center Outbuilding 11253 Pines Boulevard ZV 2017-16  (Allow a third monument sign for the shopping center)  8/24/17- PZ