City Charter and Code of Ordinances

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Your City is governed by the City Charter, which was adopted by the voters of Pembroke Pines. The Commission adopts ordinances as a means of governing various aspects of City life, including residents and businesses; everything from how the City government is structured, to living conditions, building regulation, health and sanitation, noise, and garbage and zoning uses, just to name a few.


The City Charter and all of the adopted ordinances are compiled into one document, called the Charter/Code of Ordinances. The Code of Ordinances can be likened to State Statutes, which can be changed from time to time by the elected officials. The City Charter, which established how the City is set up, can only be changed by the voters of Pembroke Pines at a special referendum election.

Recent Changes

Recently passed ordinances that have not yet made it in the Code of Ordinances book may be obtained from the City Clerk Office by submitting a request via the Citizen Action Center link.