City Elections

​Next Election
City of Pembroke Pines Municipal Election on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A resident of Pembroke Pines who chooses to run in a City election must submit the following forms:

Intent to Run letter
Appointment of Campaign Treasurer
Statement of Candidate

Candidates or political committees who open campaign accounts are required by state law to file regular reports of all contributions received, and all expenditures made, by or on behalf of the candidate or political committee. Campaign Reports are filed on a monthly basis, see Document Disclosures/Campaign Treasurer Reports 

Qualifying Forms required to qualify

City of Pembroke Pines Polling Precincts list-click here.  Check the precinct  number on your voter registration card.  Call the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office if you have any questions about your precinct number or your voter registration.

Contact phone numbers at the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office

For more information go to the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office - Click on the following link: