PACE Program

What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) allows property owners to receive up-front financing for qualifying improvements related to energy efficiency. Property owners voluntarily agree to the program terms for financing and repay through a non-ad valorem special assessment added to their property tax bill. There may be other types of financing available to the property owners, applicants are encouraged to do their own research and should understand any and all implications of the PACE program.  

Qualifying improvements may include: rooftop solar, solar water heater, energy efficient air conditioning units, cool roof, impact windows, and insulation are just to name a few. Contact individual PACE providers below regarding specific improvements, financing terms and lists of approved contractors.The PACE program is voluntary and the program terms are between the individual property owner and their PACE provider.

PACE Pembroke Pines

On May 6, 2015, the City Commission approved a citywide PACE program via Resolution No. 3453.

The City of Pembroke Pines, it’s City Commission, officers, agents, and employees do not endorse any PACE program or company. The City does not guarantee the quality of work by contractors of the PACE program. The following links are being provided for informational purposes only. Any decision to participate in a PACE program is exclusively within the discretion of the property owner (applicant). Residents should be aware that building permits may be required  for the renovations to their property and should discuss permit requirements with their selected PACE providers.  

PACE Providers

The City of Pembroke Pines has entered into non-exclusive agreements with four PACE providers, additional PACE providers are welcome to negotiate with the City. The goal is to provide property owners with more consumer choice. Residents (property owners) should receive multiple quotes from contractors when considering home improvements. Property owners are strongly encouraged to research PACE providers, contractors as well as seek additional quotes and/or estimates for services provided. 

Broward County also operates with PACE separately and may have additional information or providers regarding PACE. More information on PACE can be found on the Broward County’s PACE website.

Additional Information

Visit the Department of Energy’s Energy Saver web page for additional information on home energy improvements.