Pines Village Water Main Improvements

The City is implementing water main improvement projects for the Pines Village water service area.  This area is south of Pines Boulevard, east of SW 72nd Avenue, north of SW 9th Street and west of Florida’s Turnpike. (Click here to see a map of this area)

The first phase of improvements will include the area south of SW 6th Street, east of SW 72nd Avenue, north of SW 9th Street, and generally west of SW 67th Avenue. (Click here to see a map of Phase I area)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Some homes on SW 72nd Avenue and SW 67th Avenue may not be included in this phase due to various reasons.  Homeowners on these streets should verify their address with the city by calling George Wrves (954)518-9045.

Water main improvements will include new water mains in the streets and the abandonment of the water mains in the rear yards.  New water meters will be installed in the front yard and the old meters will be removed.  Meter readers will no longer need to go into the rear yards to read the meters.  The First Phase will begin in October 2018 and run through October 2019.

In addition, all residences will receive a new “pressure valve” at each house connection as required by new codes and those residences with water meters in the rear yard will receive a new service line from the new meter to the house.

Due to the new pressure valve and water service, all homeowners will be required to sign a “Right-of-Entry” form. (Click here to see the form)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the City Public Services Department at (954)518-9045.