Stop The Bleed

Stop the BleedBleeding is one of the most common injuries among survivors of an emergency, and rapid loss of blood can result in death. A person can die from blood loss within five minutes. Those nearest someone with life threatening injuries are best positioned to provide first care and significantly increase a person’s chance of survival. That is why last year, the City of Pembroke Pines joined the Stop the Bleed Campaign, a national awareness campaign and call to action by the Florida Department of Health aimed at decreasing preventable deaths through bleeding control.

Since joining the campaign, the Pembroke Pines Fire Department began training teachers, city employees and civilians on the use of Bleed Control Kits. They have trained approximately 1,200 people to date and the training continues.

On May 23, 2019 the City of Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue Department will hold a Stop the Bleed training event at no cost to the public. The event will be held at the SW Focal Point located at 301 NW 103 Avenue. There will be three different sessions: session one (11 AM), session two (12 PM), and session three (1 PM) each session will be capped at 100 attendees. If you would like additional information please call 954-499-9550. If you would like to attend the training please register here.