City Commission

City Center Aerial View

Serving the Community

The Pembroke Pines City Commission, the deliberative body that governs the City, is comprised of a Mayor and four Commissioners. The City Commission appoints the City Manager, City Attorney, and members of City boards and committees.

The Mayor is elected at large, serves for four years, and presides over Commission meetings. Each of the four Commissioners is elected from a single geographic district, and serves for four years with only two District seats coming up for election every two years. The City Commission represents the public interest, promotes prompt, courteous responses to citizen problems and concerns, provides clear leadership and direction, and assures the present and future fiscal integrity of the City.

Meeting Needs

The Pembroke Pines Mayor and City Commissioners are dedicated to serving the broad needs of the community. They provide careful and responsible judgment in the exercise of legislative duties, with the clear understanding that they are the people's representatives in setting policies and in determining levels and priorities of programs and expenditures.

Their goal is to guide the City along a path that allows for the most effective use of available resources. In this way, they can make possible a better quality of life for all, while giving each individual citizen the opportunity to be an important part of the City’s future. An individual Commissioner may propose policies or procedures for consideration by the entire body. They are also charged with considering proposals from the citizens or those brought forward by the administration.