Finance Department

The Finance Department provides services to the public and internal support services to all City Departments and Offices. Specifically, the Department is responsible for financial forecasting and budget monitoring, issuing municipal bonds, general accounting, grants monitoring, preparation of financial reports, overseeing Pembroke Pines' annual financial audit, payroll, managing and investing public funds, preparing the City’s annual operating budget, and revenue and expenditure analysis.

Finance Department has four divisions:
  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Budget
  • Payroll


The Accounting division administers the general ledger, maintains accounts receivable, and controls reimbursements and interdepartmental billings. Coordinates both the City and the Charter School audits, prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the annual Charter Schools Special Purpose Financial Statements and the quarterly Charter School financial reports for the Broward County School Board and Florida State University (FSU), as well as the City-wide monthly financial reports for internal use. Additionally, its personnel are responsible for balancing utility receivables, providing property control, and producing numerous other financial reports as requested.

The Accounting division could be reached at 954-450-1067.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable division reviews and processes all requests for payment and facilitates resolution of encumbrances relative to purchase orders.

Accounts Payable could be reached at 954-450-1071.


The Budget division coordinates the preparation of the City's annual budget. Budget is responsible for the preparation of revenue and expenditure estimates and budget instructions for all City departments. This section ensures that expenditures are within approved appropriations, prepares budget resolutions, adjustments, budget-related graphs, and summaries.

The Budget division could be reached at 954-450-1068.


The Payroll division processes the bi-weekly payroll for all City and Charter School employees, including, but not limited to, computing gross and net pay, retirement contributions, State and Federal withholding tax, Social Security, Medicare, and all other deductions. This section also prepares annual wage and tax statements (Form W-2), as well as quarterly and annual tax returns for salaries, wages, and taxable benefits. Accurately processes all personnel adjustments including new hires, salary adjustments, transfers, retirements and terminations.

The following forms are available online:
  1. Direct Deposit Form
  2. W-4
  3. ICMA 457
City of Pembroke Pines employees who have payroll-related questions may call 954-450-1072 between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.