Studio 18 in the Pines

Studio Space Information

Studio 18 in the Pines offers affordable space for emerging and mid-career artists. Inside studios range in size, are well lit and have sinks. The outside work spaces are perfect for large scale sculptors, welders or wood workers. Resident artists, participate in exhibitions throughout the year which draws hundreds of people and enjoy 24 hour secure access and the ability to teach their craft in classrooms and have full use of the artists’ lounge. Artists interested in studio rentals must complete a juried artist application and submit for approval. Classrooms are also available for rent.

2021 ​Programming
2021 Programming

Current Exhibit

Taking Flight

Our perception of the world is based on the angle or direction in which we look at an object. It is the way we see something. We can change our perspective by changing our position in physical space or by changing the way in which we view something. When we can look at an object or a problem from a different angle, we are able to see new possibilities that were out of sight before. Taking Flight: A Change in Perspective, the latest virtual art exhibition produced by Studio 18 in the Pines and presented by The City of Pembroke Pines, explores the possibilities created with changes in perspective. Artists and photographers share their work which takes us high above the Earth and deep within ourselves as they answer the question;

What magic can we find by simply adjusting our point of view? 

Taking Flight will be on exhibit from May 28th to July 14th.