Studio 18 in the Pines

Studio Space Information

Closed at this time until further notice

Studio 18 in the Pines offers affordable space for emerging and mid-career artists. Inside studios range in size, are well lit and have sinks. The outside work spaces are perfect for large scale sculptors, welders or wood workers. Resident artists, participate in exhibitions throughout the year which draws hundreds of people and enjoy 24 hour secure access and the ability to teach their craft in classrooms and have full use of the artists’ lounge. Artists interested in studio rentals must complete a juried artist application and submit for approval. Classrooms are also available for rent.

Current Online Exhibitions

Tell Me A Story Postcard

“Tell Me A Story”

Studio 18 and the City of Pembroke Pines brings you the exhibition “Tell Me A Story”

Stories have always served as a gateway to the past, brought meaning to our present, and guided our futures.

Some stories make you laugh, some make you cry, some leave you wondering…

17 diverse artists use a variety of mediums to share stories which express their experiences, imagination, and wonder.

This exhibition pays tribute to the storyteller and the art of telling a story.
See Exhibition here

​Meet Our New Curator/Community Engagement Coordinator


Please see the article in Voyage VIA magazine. It provides a look into our Curator and Community Engagement Coordinator, Maritza Benson at Studio 18 In the Pines. It gives insight as to how Maritza was driven to work in the Arts and inspired by the Artists at Studio 18.