Community Garden

The Garden

The City of Pembroke Pines Landscape Advisory Board and the Parks and Recreation Department are excited to announce our City’s Community Garden located at The Howard C. Forman Health Campus at 8500 E. Cypress Drive in Pembroke Pines. The Community Garden is a Pines Residents Only member-based green space where the residents of Pembroke Pines can have the opportunity to come together to grow fresh produce, share the joys of gardening, build relationships, and engage in healthy activity.
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The City’s Community Garden includes raised garden beds and a section where fruit trees and other crops can be grown. Annual membership fees for a garden plot are $60 for a 4 x 24 foot plot, $40 for a 4 x 16 foot plot, and $20 for a 4 x 8 foot plot. Plot owners are responsible for fertilizing, planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting, watering their area, and gardening tools.

Community Garden Committee

The Community Garden Committee is made up of all members. There are three annually elected board members who obtain additional responsibilities: garden coordinator, garden steward, and secretary. All members must join one of the several garden committees and all members must help in maintaining the common areas.

Organic Regulation

The Community Garden is intended to be an “organic” garden project. Only organic pesticides may be used in the garden. Any inorganic chemical products must be approved by the committee prior to use.


The Pembroke Pines Community Garden is also a great opportunity for local businesses and corporations to show interest in supporting the community with many sponsorship opportunities.