Crime Statistics


Crime data represent reported crime only. Reported crimes are crimes that the police are informed of by the public and those which the police intercept while patrolling.

Data is susceptible to error. The original data source is dynamic and therefore may change so totals may differ. Examples where this may occur include:

  • Crimes that are not immediately reported. Days or weeks may pass between the actual incident and the report date. In these cases, some crimes will not be included in the crime data until a later date.
  • There may be changes to an individual case after investigation. For example, a robbery may be determined unfounded by the investigator after determining that the victim was untruthful.

Not all incidents that occurred in the City are available on the website due to confidentiality issues and the ongoing case status.

The Pembroke Pines Police Department is not responsible for misinterpretation of this information and makes no inference or judgment as to the relative safety of any particular area or neighborhood.

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