Job Descriptions

Police Officer

A Police Officer performs general duty police work or specialized police work in the protection of life and property. In carrying out the responsibilities of an entry level police officer, a Pembroke Pines Department Police Officer: interacts with a culturally and socially diverse population; employs discretion in solving problems; maintains public order; prevents crime; enforces laws and ordinances; conducts investigations; makes arrests; issues summonses/citations, and warnings; assists the public; and may perform administrative support tasks.


Officers receive the following salary based on experience:

  • Florida/Certified: $55,000.00
  • Certified with one (1) but less than three (3) years experience: $57,454.40
  • Certified with at least three (3) but less than five (5) years experience: $60,116.80
  • Certified with at least five (5) years experience: $62,862.40, with top-out pay of $76,000.00
  • Non-Certified/Out-of-State while in the academy: $55,000.00


  • Competitive Salary Package
  • Education Incentives
  • Take Home Vehicle Program
  • Union Representation
  • Vacation and Sick Leave
  • 8 Year D.R.O.P. option
  • Paid Holidays
  • Clothing Allowance
  • College Tuition Reimbursement
  • Health Insurance/Dental/Vision
  • 4/10 Work Week
  • Progressive Pension Plan
For minimum qualifications and requirements, please click here.

School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer (SRO) applicants are to be fully certified in the State of Florida and posses an active employment status with Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) upon submission of the employment application. The applicants may be subject to passing an oral panel interview.
SRO applicants must meet the same hiring requirements as the regular full-time certified police officers minus the BPAD, CJBAT, physical abilities test, and swim test. However, applicants that are not actively employed with FDLE upon submission of the employment application are only exempt from the CJBAT.

Compensation / Work Schedule

  • Base Salary - $43,005.00 
    • $27.70 per hour
    • 1552 scheduled hours
  • Work Schedule - Approximately 10 months per year (school year plus training) with a flexible work schedule to accommodate the needs of the positional responsibilities
  • Overtime / Detail Time - As required to perform the functions of SRO to include nights, weekends, etc. due to extracurricular activities
  • Sick Days - Three per year, non cumulative
  • Vacation - None
  • Pension / Retirement Plan - N/A
  • Life Insurance - Per the City’s practice for general employees
  • Health Insurance - Per the City’s practice for general employees
  • Take-Home Car - Yes
  • PBA Membership - Yes
  • Uniform Cleaning Allowance - $360 per year
  • Uniforms / Equipment / Firearms - Provided per the Police Department Policy

Reserve Police Officer

The eligibility requirements for the reserve police officer candidates shall be the same as those established for full-time police officers. Reserve officers are considered volunteers of the City, and “part-time officers” as classified by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. They are not employees; rather they are members of the Police Department.

Lateral Entry Candidate Requirements

Lateral entry candidates, meaning candidates who are law enforcement officers as defined by Florida Statutes, who have separated from another law enforcement agency must:
  • Possess a current Basic Law Enforcement Certificate issued by the State of Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission
  • Complete and submit a reserve officer application form to the Personnel Selections Unit
  • Meet the eligibility requirements for reserve officer candidates


A reserve officer will serve a minimum of 16 hours a month and shall be designated as follows:
  • Reserve 1 - Fully certified officer
  • Reserve 2 - Auxiliary officer

Police Service Aide

The police service aide position was developed to free police officers from duties which do not require sworn law enforcement responses. Police service aides perform a multitude of functions including traffic control, accident investigation, and assistance with crime scenes. To apply for this position you must meet the following:
  • Be at least 19 years of age.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Ability to pass the following:
    • Behavioral assessment test
    • Oral board
    • Background investigation
    • Polygraph examination
    • Psychological screening
    • Chief's interview
    • Medical examination
    • Drug screening