Unacceptable Items

The following are unacceptable for collection due to health, regulatory, and safety reasons, and will not be picked up by the hauler. The owner is responsible for the legal disposal of these items:

  • Any debris determined to be contractor generated will no longer be collected. Debris generated by a hired contractor should be removed by the contractor working at your home and will not be collected by EWS as part of monthly services. 
  • Automobile bodies, engines, transmissions, batteries, tires or other parts
  • Construction, remodeling, or demolition debris, including all concrete materials and bricks or brickwork
  • Horticultural materials from commercial lawn / yard service or commercial operations
  • Oils, paints, insecticides, chemicals, or others hazardous waste
  • Glass - Large pieces of glass will NOT be taken.  Small pieces of broken glass or tile will be collected if placed in a sturdy box that is securely taped closed
If you have a question whether an item is acceptable, please call before placing it out for pickup, at  (954)543-9800 or (954)518-9000.


Pembroke Pines residents may also dispose of debris at:
Broward County Landfill
7101 SW 205 Avenue 
Unincorporated Broward County, FL 33332

Please click here to visit the Broward County Website at:  www.broward.org/WasteAndRecycling/WasteDisposal

There is a fee for disposal and proof of residency is required.