Payments & Other Options

View the following options after receiving a violation notice:

Pay the Fine

As the registered owner or nominated driver of the vehicle described in the Notice of Violation, you are held responsible for paying the civil penalty. No record of the violation will be sent to your insurance company, and no points will be assessed and added to your license.

  • Pay Online - Log on to PhotoNotice by entering your citation number and city code (PEMFL) found on your Notice of Violation (N.O.V.) or Uniform Traffic Citation (U.T.C.).
  • Pay by Check or Money Order - Payments by personal check or money order are accepted. An envelope will be enclosed with your Notice of Violation, along with a Payment Option coupon, to:

    City of Pembroke Pines Intersection Safety Program
    PO Box 76519
    Cleveland, OH 44101-6500.

  • Pay by Credit Card - Credit card payments can also be made online at: (enter city code: PEMFL) for an additional $3.95 convenience fee.
  • Pay by Phone - Call 877-847-2338 and select '3' for Florida.  Select Option 1 to make a payment.  Follow the prompts to complete the payment process.  You may speak to a Customer Service representative if additional assistance is required.
  • Pay In Person - In-person cash payments can be made at MoneyGram locations nationwide, which can be found at A convenience fee will be applied. You must have the city code (PEMFL) and citation number from your payment coupon in order to make a payment, as well as Receive Code 16012.
  • Pay at Drop Box - Red Light Camera payment drop boxes are located at the East Pembroke Pines Police Department (9500 Pines Boulevard), the West Pembroke Pines Police Department substation (18400 Johnson Street), and City Hall (601 City Center Way).  Forms of payment accepted at these drop boxes are checks, money orders, and filled out forms with your credit card information; any cash payments will not be accepted.  The contents of these drop boxes are collected each week between Monday and Thursday.
A $35.00 administrative fee will be assessed for rejected or declined payments.

A Uniform Traffic Citation (U.T.C.) will be issued for failure to pay, and the base fine will increase to $263.00.

Submit an Affidavit of Non-Responsibility

You may submit an affidavit of non-responsibility if you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the violation. Submitting an affidavit will transfer liability to the listed individual who had care, custody, or control of the vehicle during the violation. Each Notice of Violation (N.O.V.) will arrive with the affidavit form attached along with an envelope to mail back the completed form. If recipients misplace the N.O.V. they can reprint it, including the affidavit, at PhotoNotice anytime by entering your license plate number and other identifying information.

You may mail the completed Affidavit Option coupon to:
City of Pembroke Pines Intersection Safety Program Customer Service Center
PO Box 42034
Phoenix, AZ 85080

Or fax it to # 623-207-2052.

  • State law requires that anyone submitting an affidavit of non-responsibility must provide the name, address, date of birth, and Driver's License number for the individual being identified as the driver.
  • If the vehicle was sold prior to the date of violation, you must include a copy of the Transfer of Sale, along with the Affidavit Option coupon.
  • If the vehicle or license plate was reported stolen at the time of the violation, you must submit a copy of the police report along with the Affidavit Option coupon.
  • Notarization is required for the affidavit to be valid. If an affidavit is not notarized or the proper documentation is not provided, it will not be processed.

Request A Hearing

You have the right to contest the imposition of the civil penalty in an administrative adjudication hearing. To schedule a hearing and have the matter reviewed, you are required to do the following by the date listed on your Notice of Violation (N.O.V.) or Uniform Traffic Citation (U.T.C.):

  • Fill out the Hearing Request Option coupon found in your N.O.V. / U.T.C. packet completely and legibly.
  • Fax the request to 623-207-2052 or mail it to:
    City of Pembroke Pines Intersection Safety Program
    PO Box 42034
    Phoenix, AZ 85080
  • By submitting a request for a hearing, you are waiving the ability to contest the delivery of the N.O.V. as set forth in Florida State Statute 316.0083 (c) and (d).
  • You have the right to reschedule a hearing once by sending a written request to the city clerk at least five (5) calendar days prior to the originally scheduled hearing. If you do not reschedule your hearing and fail to appear for this hearing, you will be adjudicated guilty and will be responsible for all fines and/or fees, and a vehicle registration stop may be placed on your record.
  • You may cancel your hearing by paying the penalty, plus $50.00 in administrative costs, before the start of the hearing.
  • If the N.O.V. is affirmed by the local hearing officer, you will be responsible for the payment of the original penalty plus up to $250.00 in local fees as set forth in Florida State Statute 316.0083 (5).
  • Hearing Location: City of Pembroke Pines, City Hall Commission Chambers, 601 City Center Way, Pembroke Pines FL 33026