Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT)

Automatic Funds Transfer – AFT


Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) allows customers to have their monthly City of Pembroke Pines Utility bill payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account. You set up your AFT account once and you do not have to worry about paying your Utility bill on time anymore.
Our goal at the City of Pembroke Pines is to make our AFT program as simple to sign up and maintain as possible. To help you take advantage of our AFT program, we offer the following online options:

  1. Set up a New AFT Account
  2. Change your existing AFT Account
  3. Stop your existing AFT Account

Here’s how…

(Free Adobe Acrobat is required to download the Application.

To obtain, download Adobe.)

  • Print the AFT information brochure with application form “click here for AFT brochure and form”
  • Read the brochure for very important information and terms regarding your AFT Account to determine if this program is for you.
  • Complete the AFT form making sure to select New, Stop or Change Account

(Note: The application can be filled out online,

but cannot be submitted online at this time).

You will need…

  • Completed application form “click here for AFT brochure and form”- refer to your Utility bill for Utility account information
  • Copy of voided check or deposit slip
  • If you do not have checks, your banking institution can provide you with a form confirming your required banking information

Complete and Submit to:

     City of Pembroke Pines Utilities Department
     8300 S Palm Drive
     Pembroke Pines, Florida 33025

Benefits of AFT method of payment...

  1. No longer need to worry about late/missed payments if you're busy or away from home
  2. Save time and postage
  3. Eliminate the need to write checks

Cost of AFT...

Great news: there is no charge to set up an AFT Account!

AFT begins...

Once your completed application is received and entered, your account will go through a “pre-note” process to validate all information is correct. This will take about 30 to 60 days. But don’t worry, you will know when your AFT Account is active to take your payment automatically when you see the notification message on your Utility bill. You will need to continue to make payments until you see this message in order to avoid any missed payments or late fees.

Your payment is withdrawn...

On the due date which appears on your Utility bill that states:

“This bill will be paid by Automatic Fund Transfer. PLEASE DO NOT REMIT PAYMENT”

If your bank account associated with your AFT Account has any issues (insufficient funds, bank account closed, frozen, etc.)...

Your bank will return the automatic payment. Just like having a check returned, both your bank and the City may charge you a service fee.

For Questions about a bill...

Please call the phone number on your bill, (954) 518-9000 for Utilities Customer Service. A representative will be happy to review your account with you.

Type of bank account that can participate in this Program...

Only U.S. financial checking and savings Institutions are eligible for this program.