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Steven L. Josias Dog & Equestrian Park


  1. Dog Play Areas
  2. Pavilion
  3. Restrooms

This park will be closed for repairs through approximately mid August.  We will be placing new more efficient drainage and also expanding the parking lot.  Thank you for your patience during this time.

Steven L. Josias, for whom this newly repurposed park is named after, is the long ago retired City Attorney Emeritus. He began his twenty-one-year career as Pembroke Pines City Attorney in 1975, when the population totaled 15,000 residents. In 2007 the park was dedicated as an equine recreational facility with paddocks, gazebos and restrooms.  Horses will continue to be welcome at the Park which now has a dog area with ramps, fenced areas to separate dogs by size, pooper scoopers and plenty of water bowls. Dog lovers should also note Pembroke Pines has a dog park located at 9700 Johnson Street. Please follow rules and guidelines posted on fence.