Was there something wrong with my old water meter?

No, but it has reached the end of its useful life and lacks the technology needed to best serve the homeowner. The new water meter will have technology components, which allow for mobile/drive-by meter reading, eliminating manual entry. The new meter will gather consumption activity on an hourly/daily basis allowing a customer to analyze their usage for possible leaks. 

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1. How do I know if my water meter is going to be replaced?
2. I received a door hanger on my front door, what is this about?
3. Why is the City initiating a “Water Meter Replacement Program”?
4. Do I have to have my water meter replaced if my meter is on the list?
5. What should I do if/when I receive the 1st Door Hanger Notification?
6. Will I be without water during this time?
7. Can I make an appointment ahead of time to best suit my schedule?
8. Why did I receive a 2nd Door Hanger Notification?
9. Why is my water discolored? Why do I have air in my lines? Why do I see small particles of sediment in my water?
10. Will I need to boil my water once the work is completed?
11. Do I have to pay for this new meter?
12. Was there something wrong with my old water meter?
13. How will I be able to identify the authorized contractor doing work on/at my property?
14. Who do I call if I have any questions or concerns after my water meter is replaced?