Broward Public School Resources


600 SE 3rd Avenue, 7th Floor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
No Fee; Spanish, French, Creole, Portuguese
M-F: 8:00am - 8:00pm   

Office of Prevention Programs  754-321-1655
Provides culturally competent violence and substance abuse education, mental health services, and appropriate referral, treatment and follow-up services. Utilizes collaborative partnerships to provide programs that address body image, bullying, character, depression, relationships and offers a peer counseling curriculum.

Family Counseling   -  754-321-1590
Provides short-term counseling for families with a child enrolled in any Broward County school, that addresses school related problems, mild depression, family communication, adjustment to significant family changes, interpersonal difficulties and minor substance abuse.

Guidance  754-321-2584 / 754-321-2585

SEDNET 754-321-3400              
(Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children Network)                                                    
Multi-agency cooperative effort between the Broward County School Board, Department of Children and Families, parents/caregivers, children’s agencies, community mental health centers and other organizations to improve the service delivery system for SED children and adolescents.

Mental Health and Wellness Portal