Live Local Act - Senate Bill 102

Senate Bill 102, more commonly known as the "Live Local Act" (the "Act"), is a law approved by the Florida Legislature during its 2023 Legislative Session that implements a multi-faceted approach to addressing the state-wide demand for affordable housing development in Florida. 

As it pertains to local government, the Act primarily aims to address affordable housing development demand in Florida by:

1. Enacting certain preemptions and requirements on local government pertaining to the approval processes and zoning considerations for affordable housing development;

2. Requiring local government to compile and publish a list of all government-owned properties within the municipality that may be suitable for affordable housing; and

3. Providing new property tax exemptions to incentivize Property Owners to explore affordable housing options.

4. Appropriating $711,000,000.00 in State funding to the Florida Housing Finance Corporation;

The Act was approved by the Governor and filed in the office of the Secretary of State on March 29, 2023. The Act has been codified as Chapter 2023-17 of the Laws of Florida. Unless otherwise stated below, the Act becomes effective July 1, 2023.

Learn more about the Live Local Act by clicking the "Live Local" icon below. To learn more about Senate Bill 102, click the Senate Logo below:    

Re-directs to Florida Housing Finance Corporation
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The City of Pembroke Pines Affordable Housing Permitting (AHP) Program was created to promote a permit-friendly process that will encourage the growth and expansion of affordable housing projects within the City. The City has committed to the following four main objectives of the Affordable Housing Program:  

  • Adopt a streamlined permitting procedure focused on expedited permitting. 
  • Provide a transparent online permit tracking system to follow the permit throughout the process.
  • Designate a staff representative as a single point of contact “Permit Concierge” for those involved in the permitting process.
  • Designate a team of building reviewers to ensure a priority and efficient building permit review process. 

Applicability. The guidelines set forth by this policy shall apply to applications submitted for affordable housing projects in accordance with Senate Bill 102 (Live Local Act) passed by the 2023 Florida Legislature.

Authority. The City of Pembroke Pines Planning and Economic Development Director, or designee, shall be responsible for the implementation of this Policy and any required future updates.

Definitions. Affordable (as defined in section 420.9071, F.S.): means monthly rents or monthly mortgage payments, including taxes and insurance, do not exceed 30% of that amount which represents the percentage of the median annual gross income for the households.

Expedited Permitting Process: is a development application or permit review process to achieve a higher degree of priority for certain applications/permits, i.e. affordable housing development projects.

Eligibility. Eligible applicants are those who propose affordable housing development and meet construction credentials (i.e. housing developers, general construction builders, non-profit or for-profit housing agencies, etc.) in accordance with Senate Bill 102.

The City will review applications in the order received and may request additional information as necessary. Qualifying permits will only be reviewed under the expedited process if determined complete.

Expedited Review Process.

  1. Builders and developers may submit a request for AHP consideration to the Planning and Economic Development Department prior to permit submittal.
  2. If the Director of Planning and Economic Development determines that the scope of work is consistent with the provisions of expedited permitting per FL State Statute, the developer will be entitled to expedited permit processing.
  3. The builder and developer will then be assigned an expedited review team by the Chief Building Official.  
  4. The expedited review team will include a “Permit Concierge” who is responsible for team communications and permit coordination.
  5. Upon assignment of the expedited review team, the subject AHP will be assigned priority review status.

The City reserves the right to not provide this service at any point during the process should it be determined that the application is incomplete or does not meet the provisions required.