Water Utility Rates

The goal of the Utilities Division of Public Services is to provide customers with the highest possible quality of water and wastewater service, while maintaining a competitive rate structure.


Water - Sewer Rates Effective10-1-2023

Minimum Monthly Charges

As per §50.07 (Ordinance No. 641, passed 12-15-82) (please click HERE to read the Ordinance in it's entirety) all utility accounts must be billed for minimum monthly charges. These charges are for operation and maintenance of the system and therefore, must be billed to all accounts regardless of whether the premises are occupied or vacant, including vacation. This bill will be sent to the customer on record at the service address unless owner of property has given written notification for a different mailing address.

Residential Rates for Monthly Billing

In accordance with §50.34 (Ordinance No. 1852, adopted September 7, 2016 and 796, adopted on June 25, 1986), the Water and Sewer rates are to be adjusted using the Consumer Price Index for the 12 months ending April of each year. These adjustments will be effective on October 1.

  • New Account Charge: $20.00
    On first bill for the implementing of a new account into the computer system
  • Water: 0 to 3,000 gallons - $20.12 minimum
    Additional 1,000 gallons - $ 7.81
  • Sewer: 0 to 3,000 gallons - $ 25.74 minimum
    Additional 1,000 gallons - $ 7.81