About Us

The Division of Human Resources provides administrative support to all departments for the management of the City's workforce. The functions of the division are as follows:

  • Classification and Compensation - Ensures both internal and external equities in pay and classification of City employees.
  • Conflict Resolution - Responsibilities related to the implementation of various City policies and non-collective bargaining unit grievance process.
  • Employee Relations and Benefits - These functions revolve around customer service to the employees of the City of Pembroke Pines with the ultimate goals of retaining top performers.
  • Payroll - Process the payroll as well as maintain records related to accrual of employee leave and hours worked, merit increases, and general employee pension implementation. In addition, the Division of Human Resources is responsible for reporting payroll data to state and federal agencies and benefit service providers.
  • Recruitment and Selection - Provide a quality pool of applicants to fill departmental vacancies through the proper mechanism in determining relative ability, knowledge, and skills to meet the City's overall goals and objectives.
  • Training - Institute an internal training program for employees training and development.