Fire Department


9500 Pines Blvd.
Building B
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Rodriguez, Marcelino Fire Chief 954-499-9600  
Troncoso, Ruben Deputy Fire Chief/ Division Chief of Operations 954-499-9526  
Martin, Frank Division Chief of Training 954-499-9580  
Gunn, Scott Division Chief of Rescue 954-499-9577  
Almaguer, Daniel Division Chief of Fire Prevention/Fire Marshal 954-499-9557  
Velez, Kathy Administrative Supervisor 954-499-9534  
Prol, Angie Rescue Billing Manager 954-499-9600  
Gunn, Scott Public Information Officer 954-499-9577  
Stepp, Jason Assistant Public Information Officer 954-499-9528  
Stepp, Jason Division Chief of Logistics 954-499-9528  

Fire Prevention Bureau 

601 City Center Way
3rd Floor
Pembroke Pines, FL 33025


Fire Prevention Staff Contact Information

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Almaguer, Daniel Division Chief of Fire Prevention/ Fire Marshal 954-499-9557  
Nettina, Brian Assistant Division Chief of Fire Prevention 954-499-9566  
Bennett, Kyle Prevention Captain 954-499-9558  
Glatz, Michael Prevention Captain 954-499-9554  
Allison, Seth Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9562  
Kuebler, Michael Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9559  
Megna, Vincent Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9561  
Santos, Victor Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9536  
Vincent, Andrew Prevention Lieutenant Fire Inspector 954-499-9563  
Leiva, Martha Community Risk Reduction Specialist 954-499-9567  
Scopa, Rick Community Risk Reduction Specialist (954) 499-9556  
Troncoso, Jazmine Clerical Coordinator 954-499-9565  
Hannon, Tara Clerk Specialist 954-499-9568