Why is the City initiating a “Water Meter Replacement Program”?

The city has a program to change water meters that are in excess of 20 years old and to upgrade the technology being used. Your new water meter will be equipped for mobile drive-by reading, eliminating manual entry of your monthly meter reading. Your new water meter will also contain components to capture consumption usage on an hourly/daily basis and in graph format. This information, when requested, can help you better understand your monthly water usage habits or to determine if you have a leak. 

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1. How do I know if my water meter is going to be replaced?
2. I received a door hanger on my front door, what is this about?
3. Why is the City initiating a “Water Meter Replacement Program”?
4. Do I have to have my water meter replaced if my meter is on the list?
5. What should I do if/when I receive the 1st Door Hanger Notification?
6. Will I be without water during this time?
7. Can I make an appointment ahead of time to best suit my schedule?
8. Why did I receive a 2nd Door Hanger Notification?
9. Why is my water discolored? Why do I have air in my lines? Why do I see small particles of sediment in my water?
10. Will I need to boil my water once the work is completed?
11. Do I have to pay for this new meter?
12. Was there something wrong with my old water meter?
13. How will I be able to identify the authorized contractor doing work on/at my property?
14. Who do I call if I have any questions or concerns after my water meter is replaced?