Pines Day

Happy 61st Birthday Pembroke Pines. Over the years the City has celebrated its birthday by having a celebration named PINES DAY! Although Covid-19 is keeping us from getting together this year, we hope our residents will enjoy the memories from previous years in this video. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon, but until then….let’s make sure to wish a Happy 61st Birthday to Pembroke Pines! 

Virtual Bake-Off Contest

For it's 61st Birthday, The City of Pembroke Pines held a virtual bake off contest for residents and employees of Pembroke Pines.  Official Virtual Bake-Off Cookbook here

Please see winners below:


1st Place: Olea Family 

2nd Place: Koren Family 

3rd Place: Sathiyaseelan Family 


1st Place: Kristen Jensen, Planning

2nd Place: Lana Tropeano, Recreation and Cultural Arts

3rd Place: Francie Novo, Special Events and Pembroke Pines Resident

 Royal Court Members: 

1st Place: Kristen Colom, 2019-2021 Miss Pembroke Pines Queen 

2nd Place: Savannah Noguera, 2018 Young Junior Miss Pembroke Pines Princess and Madison Noguera, 2018 Little Miss Sweetheart Queen 

3rd Place: Arianna Hudson, 2019-2021 Junior Miss Pembroke Pines Queen