Public Art

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Current Projects

The City of Pembroke Pines' latest Public Art Project -- Traffic Box Wraps is catching eyes of residents and visitors.  The City's Arts and Culture Advisory Board created the theme "What Makes Pembroke Pines a 'Happy City'" after the city was named one of the Happiest City's in South Florida in 2019 and 2020. by online personal finance website WalletHub. Once the theme was chosen, the creative artwork began and the 14 boxes are now ready for all to enjoy.

The City commissioned Artist John Potter, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, to create designs for traffic boxes wrapped at 10 locations. For six of the designs, the artist incorporated a QR code which creates an interactive experience. Residents can walk over to the various boxes, download the "Eyejack" app from the App Store (IPhone or Android), hover their phone camera over the designs and watch the images come to life.

The traffic boxes currently wrapped are located at:

Flamingo Rd & Pines Blvd: QR Code
Palm Avenue& Taft Street
University Drive & Pines Blvd: QR Code
Pembroke Rd. & 72nd Ave: QR Code
University Drive & Pembroke Rd
Hiatus Rd & Johnson Street: QR Code
Pines Blvd & 145th Ave
Pines Blvd. & 196th Ave
Pines Blvd. & 172nd Ave: QR Code
Sheridan Street & 184th Ave: QR Code