If evacuation during a hurricane is needed, keep these tips in mind:

  • Determine the need for evacuation --If going out of town, make arrangements ahead of time and leave early and preferably during daylight hours; Roads may become crowded during mandatory evacuations
  • Decide on a specific place and map out your route --The protected house of a friend outside the evacuation zone, a secure hotel, or a shelter; Remember, shelters provide basic needs so this should be a last resort.  Broward Evacuation Map   
  • Do not stay in any structure without good shutters or properly designed and installed hurricane protection during any hurricane
  • Have a good meal before leaving, take your supplies, and gas up the vehicle
  • Make sure you unplug appliances in your home and turn off electricity, water, and gas to reduce the potential of damage from gas line breaks or power surges
  • Have cash handy
Follow recommended evacuation routes - do not take short cuts; they may be blocked.

More Important Tips for Evacuations

After an Evacuation

If you evacuated for the storm, check with local officials both where you’re staying and back home before you travel.

  • Residents returning to disaster-affected areas after significant events should expect and prepare for disruptions to daily activities, and remember that returning home before storm debris is cleared is dangerous.

  • Let friends and family know before you leave and when you arrive.

  • Charge devices and consider getting back-up batteries in case power-outages continue.

  • Fill up your gas tank and consider downloading a fuel app to check for outages along your route.

  • Bring supplies such as water and non-perishable food for the car ride.

  • Avoid downed power or utility lines; they may be live with deadly voltage. 

  • Check with the City website for updates and alerts.