Commercial Properties & Businesses

Commercial Properties, Businesses and Home Businesses

Commercial Properties

The exterior of each property must be maintained to avoid a blighting condition. Peeling paint, broken or boarded up windows, graffiti on premises are prohibited. The parking lots to be kept free of debris and litter. Landscaped areas to be maintained, cut and in a healthy condition.

The Engineering Department (954-518-9095) does inspect parking lots of commercial properties for striping, ADA requirements, etc. Planning and Economic Development (954-392-2100) does full landscape inspections for trees, shrubs, etc. Their reports are forwarded to Code to follow-up on.


All Businesses within the City of Pembroke Pines are required to obtain a Local Business tax Receipt from the City. There are different requirements for certain Businesses. Contact 954-450-1062 for specifics.

Signage on Businesses will require a Building Permit and Inspections from the City. Most all other advertising signage is prohibited. There are exceptions for Grand Openings, Special events, etc. There is also a Store Front sign Ordinance that does allow a specific sign. Contact Planning and Economic Development (954-392-2100) for details.

Regarding truck loading and unloading on Commercial properties and businesses. It shall be unlawful to load or unload commercial vehicles between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

Home Businesses

The City does allow for certain Restricted Licenses to be issued to home residential businesses. There are specifics that would need to be adhered to. Contact 954-392-2110 for specifics.