Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

  1. How do I register my online account in Citizen Self-Service (CSS)?
    Go to and to register your account in the Citizen Self-Service (CSS) Portal. You will be able to look-up your new Utility Account number and Customer number there. Please note, you must have your new 12 digit Account number and Customer number, the name (exactly as it appears on your bill with no extra spaces before or after the name) and service address.
  2. How do I link my Utility account in Citizen Self-Service (CSS)?
    In order to link your Utility account you will need to provide your new Account number and Customer number and the full name as it appears on your new bill. The name will need to match exactly how it shows on your bill including spaces and commas.
  3. What is Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal)?
    1. Citizen Self Service (CSS) is a portal that allows customers access to their Utility account 24/7. Click this link and you will find a YouTube video on how to set up your account for:
    2. Account Summary
    3. Automatic Payment (EFT)
    4. Ability to Update Account Information
    5. Create Service Request
    6. Change Bill Delivery Preference
    7. Manage Utility Bills and Make Payment
    8. View Consumption History
    9. Utilities Contact Information
  4. Will my Utility bill look different? 
    1. Yes. Click this link for a quick tutorial video on how it will look: 
  5. Will my Utility account number change? 
    1. Yes, you will see a new Account Number and Customer Number, which, combined, will be your new 12 digit number to reference when inquiring or paying on your account.
  6. I have not received my bill yet. Is there a problem with my bill?
    1. During this transition, should you experience a delay in receiving your bill, please visit the City’s web-site at where you can register your account in Citizen Self Service (CSS) to receive, view and pay your bills.
  7. Can I still make a payment on-line?
    1. Yes, you can still make a payment on-line but you must register and link your Utility account in the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal. Visit the City’s web-site at:
  8. I am trying to make a payment online or pay by phone and I am receiving an error. Am I doing something wrong? 
    1. To ensure you are paying the correct amount, please enter the amount due that is displayed on your most recent bill.
    2. To make a payment using your new Utility Account number - Customer number, please visit: to register and link your Utility account in Citizen Self Service (CSS).
    3. To make a payment online using your original 14 digit account number, you can still do so temporarily at:
    4. To make a payment via phone, you will need your original 14 digit Utility Account number until further notice. Dial 1-877-261-7681
  9. Will I receive late payment penalty charges on my account during the new billing system transition?
    1. Don’t worry, the City is not posting any late fees at this time during the transition.
  10. I make payments through my bank. What do I have to do?
    1. If your bank sends your payment, you must contact your bank and provide your new 12 digit Account number and Customer number for your payments to be posted to your account.
  11. What about my automatic payments (EFT) set up?
    1. Your payments will still be received. However, if you update or cancel your EFT, you must provide your new 12 digit Account number and Customer number.
  12. What if I want to make a payment inside of the Utility office? 
    1. At this time, the Utility Office is only open to walk-in CASH only customers. Please utilize one of many other methods of payment including, one of 3 night drop box locations (City Hall-601 City Center Way, Utility Office-8300 S Palm Dr, West Police Station- 18400 Johnson Street, USPS mail, or at City Hall Cashier window.
  13. I made a payment, but I do not see it posted. What happened? 
    1. During this transition, we have slowed down our processes to ensure accuracy. All payments that have been received are being posted. Don’t worry, the City is not posting any late fees at this time. Before taking any action with your bank regarding your payments, we encourage you to give us a call first so we can check if your payment has been posted. Remember, all returned payment fees, including “Stop Payment”, still apply. Call before you act to avoid these fees.
  14. I was expecting an adjustment on my account, why don’t I see it?
    1. We have slowed down our processes to ensure accuracy. Be assured any approved adjustments will be posted and will show on your bill within the next 2 billing periods.
  15. Why has the number of days in my December billing period changed?
    1. This is due to the transition period which may take a couple of months. We ask that you be patient during this time and if you believe this has affected the amount of your bill, please call customer service at 954-518-9000
  16. What kind of accounts does the City of Pembroke Pines provide for residents, tenants, etc.?
    1. Owner Accounts only. Due to a recent Ordinance change November 2021, all new accounts to be opened will be in the name of the Owner(s) found in BCPA
  17. Do I need to have the Utility Application notarized?
    1. The new utility application no longer requires a notary.
  18. What’s happening with my trash?
    1. Beginning January 2, 2022 there will be a change to the trash and recycling process. This process is illustrated on the City’s website at: