Employees who have served in the Logistics Division know, without any reservation, that this is one of the most task-oriented divisions within the workings of any Fire Department. Their responsibilities, though wide and varied, are specific and affect the daily operations of the Department.


Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Coordinating the vehicle preventive maintenance program
  • Coordinating maintenance and repair of equipment
  • Research and purchasing of new equipment
  • Issuing uniforms and equipment to personnel
  • Repair and maintenance of facilities


Hard work and dedication are not uncommon to these people, for they each have a deep understanding of their mission. What they do on a daily basis has a direct impact on the safety, reliability and performance of the equipment used by the emergency response personnel. To those in the Division that make it all happen, we thank them.

Our appreciation also goes to the officers, driver/engineers, and remaining members of our Fire Department for their skills, abilities, hard work, and diligence in preserving what we have come to know as a Class One rating.