The Fire Department Operations Division works hard at the scene of an emergency providing emergency response, personnel, apparatus and the equipment necessary to deal with all types of situations, such as fires, motor vehicle accidents, and medical emergencies. Our members are on duty twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The Operations Division consists of firefighter/emergency medical technicians, firefighter/paramedics, rescue lieutenants, fire captains, and battalion chiefs. With our ever increasing population base, the demands for our services are also increasing. In an effort to keep pace with these demands, our department is continuously striving to challenge the status quo and improve our service delivery.

Command Staff

Our operational command staff consists of the Division Chief of operations and six battalion chiefs who serve as command officers managing and controlling all of our emergency response resources in the City. This includes our fire stations, fire engines, ladder trucks, rescue trucks, supervisory vehicles, and specialty response vehicles. The men and women who respond to all emergencies are directly supervised by fire captains and rescue Lieutenants. The fire captains serve as the officers in charge of each of our six fire stations. Our rescue lieutenants serve as the medical authority during medical emergencies and work directly with our Advanced Life Support Fire and Rescue Companies.

Separate Battalions

Our City is divided into two Battalions and they are separated into East and West Battalion.

East Battalion

Battalion 69 (East Battalion) consists of one Battalion Chief, three Engine Companies, two Ladder Companies, five Rescue Companies, one Tactical Support Vehicle for large scale incidents and one Crash Truck to serve North Perry Airport.

West Battalion

Battalion 99 (West Battalion) consists of one Battalion Chief, three Engine Companies, one Ladder Company and two Rescue Companies.

All of our members are qualified and cross trained to respond on any of our fire, rescue, and support apparatus. All companies are manned with equally qualified personnel. Our Advanced Life Support Engine and Ladder Companies are utilized in a dual role for providing both fire suppression and medical treatment, which helps to supplement and support our Advanced Life Support Rescue Companies.

Highly Rated

We pride ourselves on the fact that our fire department has received and maintains a Class one Rating which is the highest rating issued by the Insurance Services Organization. The Insurance Services Organization is a national organization responsible for reviewing fire departments throughout the country. Their assigned ratings help determine insurance premium levels for properties located in the City.

Mobile Data Terminals

All apparatus are equipped with Mobile Data Terminals. These Mobile Data Terminals provide our units in the field with tactical, response and tracking information along with a secondary means of communication. Additionally, we have automatic vehicle locators installed in each of our emergency response vehicles which in the near future will provide us, through global satellite positioning, with the closest and most appropriate units available for each emergency.

Ready If Needed

The Operations Division is poised and ready to respond at a moments notice. They are staffed with highly trained professionals, eager to serve our community to the best of their abilities. Although our hope is that our services will never be needed, our residents can rest assured that we are staffed, trained, and fully equipped to assist them in their time of need.