Fire Inspection, False Alarm and Fee Schedule

Annual Fire Inspection and Permit Fees & Information

From City Ordinance, Section 150.32:

"Annual fire inspections shall be conducted on all businesses or commercial enterprises operating within the city and each business or commercial enterprise shall receive an individual inspection notwithstanding that more than one business or commercial enterprise may be located within a single structure. The “owner” as defined by the Florida Building Code shall be responsible for payment of the inspection fees, provided however that the property owner, as set forth on the latest tax assessment roll provided to the city by the property appraiser’s office, shall be ultimately responsible for the payment of the fees set forth herein."

View the Fee Schedule 2022-23 (PDF).

Fire False Alarms Information

From City Ordinance 134.051 and 134.99 (B)

"Any person knowingly communicating by electronic means, or otherwise turning in, causing to be made, or communicating a false alarm, including but not limited to audible or visual alarms to the Fire Department shall be in violation of this section. After two false alarms are reported to the Fire Department within a 12-month period, fines shall be assessed as set forth in § 134.99(B) for each violation."

View the False Alarm Ordinance here Version OptionsFeesHeadline .

False alarm fees will not be applied to residential single-family homes. 

Learn how you can prevent unwanted false alarms here.