Procurement Department

The Procurement Department, in general, is responsible for numerous support activities that assist City operations by providing integrity to the procurement process, ensuring continuity of supply, avoiding waste and duplication of effort, maximizing internal efficiency, and obtaining the lowest price with the best quality delivered in a timely fashion.


The objective of the Procurement Department is to provide the expertise required to ensure that all City departmental contracts for the procurement of goods and services are negotiated and executed in the most cost-effective manner possible and to ensure the availability of supplies, equipment, and fleet vehicles required by all City departments so they may operate at optimum efficiency levels.

Department Needs

Every department has needs that are often varied and complex. The Procurement Department procures an incredible array of diverse commodities, equipment, construction, and services to meet each department’s needs, while acting in the best interest of the City. Although many of the needs are unique to individual departments, the Procurement Department strives to find a means of standardization of products and services for the entire City.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Procurement Department:
  • Prepares and administer bid proposals, recommends awards, and issues and monitors all contracts for goods and services required for the efficient operation of the City and charter schools
  • Ensures an open and transparent purchasing process that is accountable to the taxpayer, while maintaining a completely fair and competitive environment
  • Monitors and coordinates the most cost-effective procurement of required materials
  • Provides a central warehouse for supplies and equipment to ensure availability to all City departments, enabling them to effectively provide services required by the community
  • Provides for the disposition of obsolete or surplus equipment
  • Assists departments in securing goods, services, and construction for the City through the utilization of ethically competitive purchasing methods
  • Oversees the review and processing of purchase requisitions, determines the most appropriate purchasing methods, solicits quotations, bids, requests for proposals, and letters of interest, and assists in sourcing and the development of competitive specifications
  • Interacts with vendors to resolve problems and expedite orders, facilitates pre-bid meetings, bid openings, and evaluation committee meetings, and assists in making recommendations for bid awards
  • Assists with the administration and negotiation of contracts for a wide range of services
  • Supports activities involve managing the entire process from start to finish, including the sourcing of goods, vendor relations, and risk reduction, while being aware of market conditions and innovative and visionary best practices
  • Department representatives often act as personal “consultants” by guiding users through the maze of legal and procedural requirements by shepherding the process with all the parties involved from start to finish