For guidance on how best to comply with this amendment, please see the procedure below:

  1. Utilize the Click2Enter website and select a vendor of your choosing.


  1. Once a vendor has been selected, the application and permit paperwork must be obtained. The forms necessary for these permits can be found at:


  1. Once all forms have been filled out, an account must be created utilizing the City of Pembroke Pines Development HUB.                                                            


  1. All required paperwork and plans may be uploaded to the Development HUB or dropped off in-person at:


601 City Center Way 

Second Floor 

Pembroke Pines, FL 33025


  1. Once all plans have been reviewed and approved, the permit will be issued, and inspections will be scheduled through the respective disciplines (fire & electrical).

Permitting & Plan Review Considerations

  • All Gate Installations shall comply with the requirements set forth in NFPA 1: 
  • Electric gate operators and systems, where provided, shall be installed, maintained, listed, and labeled in accordance with UL 325 as per NFPA 1:
  • All electrically operated gates shall fail to the open position when power is interrupted and shall remain in the open position until power is restored.

Installation Information

  • The C2E Transmitter shall be mounted at a height of no less than 72”, and without any visual obstructions so that the transmitter LED lights are easily seen by responding units. 
  • Activation - The C2E Transmitter will be set to Single Pulse Mode. 
  • Latch Back – The gate hold open feature will be set to a Non-Override mode of two (2) minutes. 
  • Range of Operation – The C2E Setting range will be set to 50 feet in Portable Operation.
  • C2E requests that all Cities maintain a current list of installations with addresses included. 
  • The Technical Assistance & Customer Support Number for C2E is 877.939.3800.

Gate Access Click-2-Enter Support Letter