Sewer Credit

If you had a plumbing leak that was repaired, you may qualify for a partial sewer credit. A credit will be considered for a portion of the sewer charges affected by the leak up to a 2 month period (the month of repair and the prior month) based on your monthly average consumption. Should you qualify for a credit, it will be applied within the next 2-3 billing cycles. The City of Pembroke Pines does not consider credits for unmeasurable /undocumented issues such as a running hose, hand watering, pressure cleaning, etc. or for water which disposes down the sewer.

To request a Sewer Credit:

Wait until you receive the Utility bill that reflects the high usage. Submit a copy of repair bill that reflects your service address, your name, date of repair, company name, address, phone #, detailing what work was done to fix the leak. If you did the work yourself, please submit a copy of dated receipt for the material/supplies purchased and include a full description of the work that was completed. Once your request has been reviewed you will be contacted. Unfortunately, requests without supporting documents will not be considered. (click here for form)

If you have any questions, please contact Utilities Customer Service at (954)518-9000.

*During this process, continue to make full payment by the due date to avoid late fees or interruption in service.

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