Posted Notice Sign

Posted Notice Information/Projects:

Development projects that are being reviewed by the City of Pembroke Pines Planning and Economic Development Department require a POSTED NOTICE sign to be installed by the developer on the subject property. The sign is used to inform the public that one or more development applications are under review for the property.

Each sign has a unique project number that relates to the list of projects below. The signs remain on the property while there is an active Planning and Economic Development Department application. Should you have questions about a specific project or public hearing dates please contact the City of Pembroke Pines Planning and Economic Development Department at 954-392-2100; our offices are open Monday to Thursday from 7am to 6pm. We are closed on Friday.

Application Types: SP = Site Plan, PH = Public Hearing (Land Use Plan Amendment), ZC = Zoning Change, ZV = Zoning Variance, ZI = Zoning Interpretation, ZA = Zoning Appeal, SUB = Plat, DRI = Development of Regional Impact.

Public Meetings: CC= City Commission, PZ = Planning and Zoning Board. Public meetings are typically held in the City Commission Chambers located at 601 City Center Way, Pembroke Pines, FL 33025.


Pembroke Pines City CenterGenerally located South of Pines Blvd and West of Palm AveZoning, Plat and Site Plans Applications for buildings on the City Center property.


1600 Building1600 SW 66th AvenueZoning, Plat and Site Plan Applications for the redevelopment of an existing building for the a new multi-family building. Approved
16000 Pines Market
Southeast corner of Pines Boulevard and Dykes Road (Former Postal Distribution Center)
Applications for Site Plans for the northern commercial retail center and southern residential town home project with 165 units.


PRJ  2019-01

BD - Borluv 196th TownhomesGenerally located South of Pines Boulevard and east of 196th Avenue
PH 2019-01 (Small Scale Land Use Plan Amendment changing the land use from Agricultural to Low Medium Residential (5 to 10 units per acre).
PZ 5/23/2019
CC 8/7/2019
CC 8/19/2020

The developer has removed this item from the agenda. The item has not been rescheduled at this time.

PRJ 2019-11

SFDC Building CSheridan west of 196th
SP 2019-07 (Site Plan Amendment)

Crematory Use in B-3 Zoning

City Wide - Zoning Code Amendment

AM 2019-01 (Text Amendment)
ZC 2019-04 (Text Amendment)
PZ 2/13/2020
CC Tabled
PRJ 2020-10

Wawa - Trinity Lutheran Church
7150 Pines Boulevard
PH 2020-02 ( Land Use Plan Amendment Community Facilities to Commercial)

ZC 2020-02 ( Rezoning Agricultural to B-3 General Business)

SUB 2021-01 (Plat)

ZV 2022-06 (Parking)
ZV2022-07 (Setbacks)
ZV 2022-08 (Setbacks)

SP 2022-006 (Trintiy Lutheran Church - development of new church south of existing church)

SP 2022-007 (Wawa - development of wawa gas station, circulation, signage and parking)
PZ- Passed
CC- Passed
CC- Passed


PZ -Passed
CC- Passed
PZ -Passed 
PZ -Passed
PZ -Passed 


PRJ 2021- 03
Lowe's Home Improvement
130 North University Drive
ZV 2021-05 (Zoning Variance for side yard Setback)

ZV 2021-07 (Zoning Variance for Pines Boulevard Corridor

SP 2021-03 (Site Plan amendment for an addition to the existing structure)



PRJ 2021- 05

Edison Pembroke
Located west of 145th north of Pembroke Road
PH 2021-02 (Land Use Plan Amendment - Small Scale for the addition of residential units)

ZC 2021-01 (Rezone a portion of the Edison property to MXD)

ZC 2022-03 (Map Amendment from PCD to MXD)

ZC 2022-04 (Text amendment to PCD for Pembroke Pointe)

SP 2021-15 (Site Plan for the development of up to 350 apartment units)
PZ - 6/24/2021
CC - 8/4/2021
CC - Passed

PZ- 4/28/2022
CC- 5/18/2022
CC- 6/15/2022

PZ- 4/28/2022
CC- 5/18/2022
CC- 6/15/2022

PZ- 4/28/2022
CC- 5/18/2022
CC- 6/15/2022

PZ- August

PRJ 2021- 12

Midas Addition
12391 Pembroke Road
SP 2021-10 (Addition to existing Midas building)
PZ- 9/8/2022
PRJ 2021- 13

Pembroke Pines Plaza (Askar)

NWC of Pembroke Road and SW 87th Way
SP 2021-11 (Site Plan for the creation of  multi tenant shopping center with parking, circulation, signage)
PZ- Passed

PRJ 2021- 14

EZ Carwash
181 NW 180 Avenue
SP 2021-12 (Site Plan Amendment for the renovation of an existing car wash
PZ- Passed
PRJ 2021- 16

FPL EV Charging Station at Fountain Square
South of Pines East of Dykes
SP 2021-14 (Addition of EV Charging Station at a shopping center)
PZ- Passed
PRJ 2021- 17

16000 Pines Market  
South of Pines and east of Dykes in the 16000 Pines Market Shopping Center
ZV 2021-11,12,13 (Sign Variances)- Burlington

ZV  2022-03 & 04 (Sign Variances) - Verizon

ZV 2022-0011 (Sign Variance for 3rd sign)

PZ - Passed

PZ- Passed
PRJ 2021- 20

Chick-fil-A @Pembroke Lakes Mall
12203 Pines Boulevard
SP 2021-18 (Site Plan Amendment for Circulation, parking and order area improvements).

 PZ- Passed

PRJ 2021- 21

Chick-fil-A @ Westfork Plaza
15901 Pines Boulevard (Former Sweet Tomatoes)
SP 2021-19 (Site Plan for creation of a new restaurant, circulation, landscaping and signage)
PZ- Passed

PRJ 2021- 22

Rey Chavez Distributors Supermarket18900 Pines BoulevardSP 2021-20 (Site Plan for the development of a grocery store, parking, circulation and signage on a vacant parcel). PZ- TBD

PRJ 2022-01

Westfork Plaza15825 Pines BoulevardZV 2022-01 (Zoning Variance for parking)PZ- Passed

PRJ 2022-02

Lexus of Pembroke Pines16150 Pines BoulevardSP 2022-01 (Site plan amendment for facade and architectural improvements for the existing car dealership)


PRJ 2022-03

EZ Express Carwash
6700 Pembroke Road
ZV 2022-03 (Zoning variance for distance related to vacuums for a free standing carwash). 

ZC 2022-01 (Rezoning from B-2 to B-3)

PZ - Passed
CC - Passed

PRJ 2022-04
Franklin Academy18800 Pines BoulevardSP 2022-02 (Addition of Classroom, Gymnasium, circulation and vehicle stacking)PZ- 9/8/2022

PRJ 2022-05

Skyrise Plaza ParcelSouth of Pines, East of 186th and West of 184th (Vacant Lot)ZC 2022-02 (Zoning Change with Flex Allocation from B-3 General Business to Residential -Townhouse District

SP 2022-03 (Site Plan for  the development of a 54 unit Townhome community, circulation, landscaping)
PZ- 10/13/2022

PRJ 2022-06

Douglas Gardens IV & VIWashington Street east of DouglasZV 2022-05 (Variance for building height)

SP 2022-04 (Site plan for the development of affordable age restricted housing, site circulation, landscaping, etc)
PZ- Passed

PZ - 9/8/2022
PRJ 2022-07

Wal Mart Expansion12800 Pines BoulevardSP 2022-05 ( Expansion of existing wal mart store)PZ - 8/11/2022
PRJ 2022-08

Pollo Camparo ( Pembroke Commons)300 North UniversityZV 2022-09 &10 (Zoning variance for additional outparcel and frontage) PZ - Passed
PRJ 2022-09


PRJ 2022-10

Chipotle Mexican Grill8559 Pines BoulevardZV 2022-0012 (Drive Thru Stacking)PZ - passed