Certificate of Use

As of January 30, 2023, new businesses will be required to obtain a Certificate of Use from the City’s Planning and Economic Development Department prior to applying for a Local Business Tax Receipt (LBTR).   

The purpose of a certificate of use is to ensure that any development of a change in use complies with the provisions of the City’s Land Development Code. A new Certificate of Use is required for any change in use, owner, location, business name, and any additional use added to the business.   

 A Certificate of Use is required for the following: 

  • New Business 
  • Any change in the use of the space 
  • Change in owner or business name 
  • Transfer of business location within the City 
  • Additional use or service is added to the business 
  • Electronic Nicotine Device Retail Sales (Accessory Use) 
  • Body Art Studios (Accessory Use) 

Certificate of Use Exemptions: 

  • Home-based businesses (LBTR still required) 
  • Businesses Sharing Space (LBTR still required) 
  • Businesses and uses listed as exempt in Chapter 205 of the Florida Statutes shall not require a Certificate of Use. 
  • Renewal of LBTR

Submitting your Application

Applications must be submitted online via  Pines Web Services -  Development HUB.

Prior to applying for a certificate of use, the applicant must first create an account in the Development HUB system (Click on Log In or Register).

The Certificate of Use application can be found under the planning tab.  
The following information and documents will be needed at the time of submission: 

  • Business Name 
  • Business Address 
  • Detailed Description of the Business Operations 
  • Square Footage of the Bay / Space 
  • Floor Plan indicating the following: 
    • Dimensions of the space 
    • Room sizes and uses 
    • Location of fixtures and furniture

The Certificate of Use user guide can be used to assist you in creating your account and submitting your application. If you need additional assistance, you can contact Zoning Staff by e-mailor by calling 954-392-2110. A payment of $25 dollars is due at the time of submission which can be done via Credit Card or e-check* (*additional Fees may apply).  

Certificate of Use applications that require a building permit, which may include a change of use or commercial alterations will not be issued until completion of the required permitting.

*Please allow 4-8 working days for your application to be processed.*

Once a Certificate of Use is Issued

The Certificate of Use will be issued electronically (Adobe PDF). The issuance of a Certificate of Use does not grant authority to operate the business within the approved space. An LBTR is required prior to operating the business. A copy of your Certificate of Use is required for LBTR submittal. Questions regarding the LBTR office should be directed to the LBTR office at 954-450-1062 or visit the LBTR webpage. Additional fees may be required for the LBTR process. 

If you fail to submit for an LBTR within 60 days of issuance of the Certificate of Use the approval shall expire. You must re-apply and pay a new fee to be issued a new Certificate of Use.