Safe Deal Zones

Safe Deal ZoneBoth our East and West police stations are designated as ’Safe Deal Zones’ in honor of Zachary Finch, the brother of PPPD Officer Nicholas Finch, who was tragically killed while meeting strangers for an online sale.  Our Safe Deal Zones are available to the general public for use as a safe meeting spot to conduct online transactions or other exchanges (such as online sales and purchases, or custody exchanges).  

The East Headquarters lobby and parking lot are accessible to the public 24/7, and the West Substation parking lot is accessible to the public 24/7. 

East PD Headquarters - 9500 Pines Boulevard

West PD Substation - 18400 Johnson Street

ADVISORY: If you plan on selling or purchasing a weapon of any kind, we ask that you please notify our department in advance by contacting 954-431-2200.