Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft is a serious crime that can affect everyone regardless of age, gender, or credit worthiness. Here are some simple tips to avoid being a victim:
  • Do not leave your wallet or purse unattended in your vehicle - Increasingly, identity thieves are committing vehicle burglaries in order to obtain your identification cards, credit cards, and checkbooks. Leaving these items in your vehicle places you at a higher risk of being victimized.
  • Use a shredder - If you need to dispose of any documents or papers containing any of your personal identifying information, make sure you shred them first. Identity thieves engage in the practice of “dumpster diving” to look through your trash and find your information.
  • Secure your WiFi connection and never access your online bank accounts through an open or unsecured WiFi connection - Any information sent through an unsecured connection can be intercepted by identity thieves, giving them access to your accounts.
  • Monitor your credit - Doing so may help you identify fraudulent accounts opened under your name. You may obtain a free copy of your credit report online.