The City of Pembroke Pines and our government partners including the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Broward County, and the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) are consistently working to improve mobility throughout our community and region. There are approximately 600 miles of roadways within the municipal boundaries and the City is responsible for the maintenance of nearly 250 miles. The remaining roadways are maintained by the State, County, and private entities such as homeowners associations.  In addition to the road network, there are countless miles of sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and multi-use paths that help move people throughout the community. Throughout the City's +/-35 square miles, there are numerous transportation-related projects being planned, designed, or constructed, for more information about projects throughout the City download the Transportation/Mobility Projects List

Transportation Master Plan

In March 2022, the City began the process of creating a city-wide transportation master plan to address key mobility needs by developing a 20-year measurable blueprint for improving the City's transportation system. The City contracted with Metric Engineering to create the master plan that is focused on improving connectivity through all modes of travel, alleviating congestion, and improving safety for residents, visitors, and businesses in the City. As part of the development of the plan, the consultant conducted stakeholder interviews, created short videos and created an online survey to obtain information from the public regarding their transportation concerns. The first YouTube video had over 1,300 views and 328 people completed the survey.  

Then at the December 14, 2022 City Commission meeting, the consultant presented the first draft of the Transportation Master Plan to the City Commission. Following the presentation, the consultant created a second video and a follow up survey so members of the public could evaluate the draft plan. The second YouTube video had over 1,570 views and 187 people participated in the follow up survey.  On June 21, 2023, the City Commission adopted and accepted the final version of the plan via resolution. Adoption of the plan does not commit the City to enacting the proposals in the plan, it provides the City a guide or roadmap to the projects that can improve transportation throughout the community. Conceptual projects include safety improvements, improvements for bicyclist and pedestrians, traffic calming measures as well as operational improvements.  The links to the final version of the Transportation Master Plan and related appendices are below:

Transportation Project Notices

Transportation Related Links

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